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In this section we will present to you, all you can enjoy in the area and the surroundings ..

Enjoy the charm of the people walking through the old town, the promenade and the harbor.

The medieval street market , on the seafront , where you can enjoy a pleasant day doing their shopping on market stalls and in-depth knowledge of the old Town.

In the coastal town of Villajoyosa , the sea is the main stage of the holidays that commemorate Berber incursions that took place in the Mediterranean during the sixteenth century . Therefore, the Moors Landing on the shores of the beach , is the central act of the holidays , and that gives a unique and singular . The Landing of Villajoyosa Interas is declared International Tourist Festival . A celebration that has over 250 years old , and where the processions and parades surround the town in a festive atmosphere , although the sea is the protagonist when , on the morning of July 28 , the Moorish army embarks Christian port while waiting on the beach with artillery and musketry prepared for battle. Already at dawn, more than thirty vessels Moorish troops landed on the shores of the Mediterranean , initiating a battle between the two sides with crossfire in a unique show of music and sound.


The most notable dishes are rice with baked beans , the Borreta Melva , Paella Vilera , Pebrereta , Blood with onions, stew tarongetes , Octopus to Vilera , Rice hake , anchovy and Coca scalded .

Visit the Ethnological Museum and the Chocolate Museum , both located in the house of culture

There are numerous beaches available and viewpoints among which are the beach and the cove The Paraís Bol Nou.

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