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  • In case of cancellation, the entire reservation will be forfeited. The client / tenant is obliged to provide a credit card as a deposit, in case he does not have it, he must pay the sum of two hundred euros (200 €) as a deposit, which will be returned in full, At his departure, provided that La Viladomus could review the house, otherwise, the deposit will be returned by bank transfer, provided that there were no damages or breach of the general terms and conditions mentioned in this contract.


  • The maximum capacity of authorized persons will be respected. If this is not the case, La Viladomus reserves the right to cancel this agreement immediately.


  • It is the responsibility of the client to leave the house neat and tidy. Electricity, water, gas, sheets and towels are included in the price, as well as entrance cleaning, in case the apartment is very dirty, a supplement of forty-five euros (45 €) will be charged for final cleaning , In case the house is left in normal conditions, La Viladomus takes care of the final cleaning, at no cost to the client / tenant.


  • Any damage caused by the clients / tenants, will be charged immediately by La Viladomus through the credit card provided in our office by the client / tenant as a deposit, if not, will make the corresponding payment in cash.


  • Change of sheets and towels during the stay, optional with a supplement of fifteen euros (15 €)


  • In case of needing an extra bed or an extra cot, an amount of twenty-five euros (25 €) will be applied during the whole stay for each one.


  • In case of bringing any type of pet, you must inform in advance the realization of the reservation to La Viladomus, email address, regardless of whether the publication of the property is accepted, in case it will not be informed, La Viladomus is reserved The right to cancel the reservation immediately.


  • The Viladomus is responsible for the proper functioning of the housing facilities, in case of any damage, La Viladomus will provide technical assistance for the solution of the same, without compensation of any kind for the client / tenant.


  • The Viladomus reserves the right to change accommodation to the client / tenant, as long as it is provided with the same characteristics as that reserved by the client / tenant, without any economic compensation.


  • Viladomus is not responsible for changes made by the owner, subsequent to the publication of furniture, decoration or appliances.


  • To book a period of less than six nights and seven days, the client / tenant must inform and make the reservation by email, to a member of the work team of La Viladomus, in case of making the reservation online through the web page /, La Viladomus reserves the right to cancel the reservation immediately.


  • The Viladomus is the only intermediary between clients / tenants and owners.


  • Viladomus represents the interests of owners and customers.


  • The general terms and conditions described here, are applicable to all languages, it is the responsibility of the clients, the understanding of this contract or the translation of the same.


  • Viladomus is responsible for the delivery of a set of keys, from the housing to the client / tenant.


  • In case the house that is booked is published with air conditioning, it should be consulted in advance of the reservation of the same to La Viladomus, by email, that the house has the same, otherwise, if the house did not have Air conditioning or there is any type of damage, or additional supplement, La Viladomus will not be responsible, nor can it be demanded an economic compensation of any kind.


  • In case of renting a villa, independent house or villa, you should contact La Viladomus by email, before making any type of reservation, if not, La Viladomus will not take care of any problem that may arise for the client / Renter during the stay. And will reserve the right to cancel the reservation immediately.


  • Ante cualquier divergencia que pudiera surgir derivada de la interpretación o cumplimiento del presente contrato, se someten a la jurisdicción y competencia de los juzgados y tribunales de Villajoyosa.



  • The apartments will be opened in perfect conditions, if there is any damage, it will be the obligation of the client / tenant to inform the entrance, otherwise, it will be understood, that the damage has been caused by the client / tenant.


  • La Viladomus reserves the right of admission.


  • In case of loss of keys of the rented apartment, the tenant must face the payment of the copy of the keys.


  • On the day of arrival, ID / passport / NIE must be issued for all clients / tenants over 16 years of age so that LaVila Domus can register in a timely manner.


  • The departure time of the apartments is maximum at 10.00 am, in case the client / tenant leaves the apartment after that time, the amount of an extra day will be charged.


  • You must respect the rest of the other tenants and / or owners, in case of complaints of excessive noise, parties, etc., LaVila Domus reserves the right to be able to cancel the rental agreement.


  • Acceptance of the term and general conditions of this reservation implies the total acceptance by the client / inquilno, of each and every one of the general conditions mentioned in this contract.



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